What Happens When I Die?


Session-1: What Happens when I Die? (15 March 2022)

It is said that there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes! Well, we know something about taxes, but what about death and dying? What happens when we die?

While Christians believe in life beyond the grave, numerous questions remain:

  • What happens to my body?
  • Is cremation OK?
  • What about judgement?
  • What about a resurrected body?
  • Will we have bodies in heaven?
  • What is the soul or spirit?
  • How do we cope with bereavement?

Host: Bishop John Harrower

Speaker: Bishop Paul Barker (the recording of this Livestream is available below)

Session-2: Planning my Funeral (22 March 2022)

  • Date & Time: 7.30pm, Tuesday 22 March 2022
  • Where: Glen Waverley Anglican Church, 800 Waverley Rd, Glen Waverley 3150
  • Speakers: Bishop John Harrower & Rev'd Phil Meulman
  • IMPORTANT: This session will NOT be livestreamed. We invite to you attend the session in person.
What happens when I die?

Recording of Livestream (15 March'22)

Speaker: Bishop Paul Barker

Recommended Resource for Further Studies

We recommend reading the book "What Happens when I Doe?" for further studies.
(cover page & content page HERE)

Author: Marcus Nodder

Video Intro about this book: WATCH

The book can be purchased from

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