Christmas Markers Market

The GWAC community is excited to invite you to our Christmas Market.

GWAC 社区欢迎您参加我们的圣诞市集活动日

CMM 2022 - 400 x 400

Christmas Makers Market

Bring your family, friends and neighbours to the inaugural Glen Waverley Anglican Church Makers Market! Browse stalls of hand-crafted Christmas gifts and enjoy delicious food as you listen to live music. With plenty of fun kids’ activities too, including an indoor jumping castle, face painting and picnic spaces.

Everyone is welcome at 800 Waverley Rd from 10am until 3pm on Saturday, 26th of November.
If you want to participate in this event or promote it, please click on the links below.


欢迎您的家人、朋友和邻居来参加威夫利谷圣公会首届市集活动日! 浏览手工制作的圣诞礼品摊位,边聆听现场音乐,边享用美味食物。还包括各种有趣的儿童活动,如室内跳跃城堡、脸部彩绘和户外用餐。


地址:800 Waverley Rd


Musician Sign Up

Interested in sharing your musical gift with the local community? We would love to hear from you!

Musician Registration

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Download a Poster

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Stallholder Sign Up

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to be a Stallholder this year. We have now closed registrations for stallholders. We are excited to have nearly 80 stalls for our market day.

For more information about our Market, contact us!

Church Office: 9560 7494